Being more than a Body

         Being my own boss is something I’ve been striving for since I graduated high school and social media is the perfect place to market yourself nowadays. Instagram has been my main focus for about a year now and pushing for growth on that platform is something I try to accomplish everyday.… Continue reading Being more than a Body

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Confident Can Make a Huge Difference

A huge factor when it comes to reaching your goals is confidence. This is the “wall” that stands between you and the other side and it takes a change to get to the other side. Now, everyone has a different obstacle they go through but this is a common one. ( Mine is sugar, I’m… Continue reading Confident Can Make a Huge Difference


Finally, an idea that works!

“How can I be unique and make a difference in the world?” Two questions I ask myself everyday and more than usual lately. Mainly because I haven’t even started on my goals and its July. (Raise your hand if you can relate!) I’m one of those people that will come up with countless ideas and do research… Continue reading Finally, an idea that works!