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All About AubreeGrace

The life of Aubree is as real as it can get, I grew up with a big family and lived in a big town that was a couple miles away from a big city. I went to school and graduated with my high school diploma in hopes of going to a huge University and becoming a huge success. However, incase you didn’t know this yet, that was not the case. I was only blessed with the over-partied, away from my parents, University for my first Semester last fall. Don’t get me wrong, being hours away from my parents and having all the freedom in the world was pretty flipping sweet, until I had no money. So I moved back to my amazing home and took a break from college to raise money for my future.


While growing up, I played various sports. My family and I were known for our ability to kick butt in almost any athletic activity we attempted (not to brag or anything). It was true though! However, only one stuck with me and that was the lovely game of softball! By the way, whoever thinks softball isn’t much of a sport can piss off because my coach worked us so hard the football coaches were scared of her. She taught us how to work out and how to put those same mechanics of, for example, a medicine ball throw into swinging a bat or agility mechanics into running bases or running for a ball. Anyways, long story short, I played softball for 8 years and decided to end it when I realized my injuries per season was higher than my batting average. That was only because I didn’t eat or stretch correctly.  My coach did help me realize something though, and that’s what I loved doing with my life and what I wanted to share with others. She taught me what I’m best at and that’s inspiring others. After I deciding not to move on with softball I decided to test my limit and study more than just mechanics and agility in softball. I studied the anatomy and the similarities between movements of an exercise and the movements in an ordinary sport. Soon I started changing my diet and respecting my body as well as continuing to study. It’s fascinating how well things work when you actual attempt them! So now its timw to show the world what I’ve learned in hopes that it helps.

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