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Confident Can Make a Huge Difference

IMG_5436A huge factor when it comes to reaching your goals is confidence. This is the “wall” that stands between you and the other side and it takes a change to get to the other side. Now, everyone has a different obstacle they go through but this is a common one. ( Mine is sugar, I’m a huge candy addict!)

Lets say you’re new to the gym, like, you’ve never worked out or haven’t worked out in a while and have no idea where to start.  A comment I’ve received a lot lately in situations like this is, “I don’t want to embarrass myself”.

Guys, without that self- confidence, your goals become more of a “I have to” instead of “I want to”. It becomes a job instead of something you find fun and worth your time. So, what are some ways you can push through this mindset?

1. When you join a gym, make sure they have group classes and start with those. Having a group of people to workout with and cheer you on is a huge confidence builder. You don’t feel like the spotlight is on you. Plus, no one is paying any attention to you because they’re trying to keep up with the steps!! Plus, it’s a fun starting point because it shows you that messing up is a part of it. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen while doing Zumba or yoga)

2. Get a personal trainer. They teach you the basics of how to properly do exercises and stretching. They also teach you how to do workouts so by the end of it, you don’t hurt yourself. By the end of your sessions you’ll feel like you know more than anyone in the gym. Yes, it’s money, but it’s more than worth it.

3. WORK OUT BUDDIES ARE THE BEST. If you’re uncomfortable going to the gym alone, find someone who will workout with you. A workout buddy can push you to be better and you might learn something from them. However, find someone who is going to motivate you and get you into the gym, even on the days you don’t want to. Nobody wants a party pooper.

4. Last but not least, take progress pictures. Start by taking a before picture, then from there on out, take a picture at the end of every month. Seeing results will motivate you and increase your hunger for more. Even if you don’t see results!! That will just push you to work harder. Either way, you’re motivated.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment!! I love hearing new ideas and I’m sure viewers would too!


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