Legs and All

IMG_5272LEGG DAAAYYY!!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE leg day? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy upper body as well, but I love a challenge. It’s never been to hard for me to tone and gain in my shoulders and arms which is why I don’t lift as heavy. I still work them, just as much as my legs, but I don’t push them as hard.

Guys, two years ago, my butt was nonexistent. I mean, my pants NEVER fit, especially my softball pants and I was super insecure about it. I remember when it was game day, I would wear like three layers just so my pants would fit, and even then it didn’t fill up enough!!

So, after I graduated high school, I decided to take matters into my own hands!! Now, my hard work is paying off. Inspiring and motivating people is all I’ve ever wanted to do and lately, I’ve had a lot of great people asking me what I do in a workout. So, below I provided a leg workout that I use every week. This is my favorite workout because I always feel the burn at the end! If you have any questions or comments definitely leave it below or follow me on Instagram!



•Stair Master 10 minute warm up

•elevated split squat 4×12

•barbell glute bridges 4×15

•squats 4×10

•side lunges with dumbbell 4×15

•squat jumps 3×15

5 minute jog + 10 minute stretches cool down






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