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My Gym


The biggest question I’ve been asked lately is “what do I do to get fit?” and to be honest I used to think this was the scariest question to answer.  I remember when I first started, I followed all kinds of fitness models and Inspirations and thinking

1. What’s their secret? and

2. Where do I begin?

So, now people are asking me for advice, which is a responsibility I always hoped for, but hope to do right. So to do that, I’m about to be as honest as I can be with y’all.



Down to the “what do I do” question. It’s simple, I go to the gym 5/7 days of the week. 3 days I do lower body, 2 days I do upper body and abs I try to do all 5 days. I try to lift 50-60% of my max because in order to build muscle, you gotta put them under some serious stress! Now, if your thinking I get up at 6am in the morning and workout for 2 hours, then, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. I go at different times almost everyday because sometimes I like to catch some extra Z’s, but I NEVER skip. I do not workout for 2 hours, and i have no idea how people do that. I workout for about a hour to a hour and fifteen minutes. If your one of those people that spends 2 hours working out in the gym I would love to hear your story.




Now, on to the “what do i eat” question. Guys, I am not on a fancy diet and the only two things I keep track of are my calories and protein. I try to eat about 2500 calories 200 grams of protein a day. Everyone is different of course because everybody has different goals. My goal is to build muscle, therefore I had to up how much I eat. However, I really just put away the soda and decreased my sugar and fast food intake. Pushing aside all the greasy foods was probably the best thing I did for my body but other than that, I shop at worlds market and eat, eat, eat.



If you want to see my progress and transformations go follow my instagram!! I’ll be blogging more throughout the week so feel free to ask me anything!


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