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This is the type of blog you never expect to type; A story you hope to never tell. This is where you tell everyone your life story and hope it brings positivity and inspiration to their own lives and encourage them to make their life just as great. Maybe my story will do that for people, maybe it won’t, but I promise I won’t give you any false reality because let’s face it, you can’t do anything with that.

I’m not going to go too much into my past because in my opinion, I had an awesome childhood. I got to play all sorts of sports, travel the country and even picked myself up a couple athletic scholarships along the way. I graduated high school and started college in fall of 2015. However, there comes a time in life when reality hits and life slaps you in the back of the neck

On March 6th, 2017, I went from a college student with a full-time job, to a homeless 19-year-old who quit school, and had no job. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why and how the hell did I end up in a position like that when I had so much going for me?? Well, let me be the first in the world of adulthood to say, I changed my mind! Not the “change my degree” kind of choice or the “change my school” type of situation. I changed my mind on how I was going to live my life. Raise your hand if negativity surrounds you every day and what you’re doing with your life is for other people, not you. Crazy, right? That’s exactly what I was doing, and I took action. Of course, actions come with consequences.

Now, when I say homeless, I mean my new bed was the front seat of my truck. I have a white 2004 Dodge RAM and it’s only a two door, so I didn’t have a back seat, and I had a tool box in the bed. I only had a suitcase and an overnight bag, so I ranger-rolled all my clothes so they would fit. I kept both those bags and Ziploc baggies full of my personal belongings in the toolbox and my pillows and blankets were kept behind my front seats, along with my shoes. So, my entire truck was a big, portable bed/suitcase and as crowded as it was I still managed to keep it SOMEWHAT tidy. I didn’t have Wi-Fi, I didn’t have a tv, and technically I didn’t really have a bed. I also didn’t have a job for the first week of being on my own. So, since bills still existed, I had to budget what money I had saved up. Every week, I budgeted $20 a week for food. Not a lot, right? Well that’s what the McDonalds value menu is for. I also would go the dollar store for snacks and cereal. I would store the snacks in my glove compartment and the cereal would go underneath my seat. Even after getting my job, I still had to budget $20 a week because bills and getting out of my truck were my number one priority. For showering, I would use our town rec center, which was convenient since I worked out there every morning. Parking and when it came time for bed was probably the hardest part of living in my truck. I think I parked in four different areas out of the couple months that I lived in my truck because it was hard to find a safe, and legal place to park for the night so I could sleep and since my car had to be off, if it was hot and humid outside, it was hot and humid in my truck, same if it was cold.

A month into sleeping in my truck, I picked up a second job to save up for a place of my own. I would work every day and did a lot of graveyard shifts because if we are being honest, living in my truck sucked. After two, long months, I moved into my first apartment and my annual income quadrupled. Being homeless could’ve taken me in a totally different direction. I could’ve put myself in a worse situation or got myself into things I shouldn’t. Either of those routes could’ve put me into a deeper hole, but my goals were too important to me.

I’m not going to lie, it was hard, there was a lot of crying and a lot of depression that came with living in my truck. I was 19 going into being homeless, and 20 coming out of it. In my opinion, that was the most important part of my situation. Not once did I steer off the road, no matter how cold it got at night or how depressing it was when I was down to my last dollar of my budget. I learned how to take care of myself and gained discipline. Point of all this? You can fall repeatedly or be at the lowest point in life, but if you put all you’ve got into it, the situation will change. God always has a plan.


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