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Just the beginning

So, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to move forward with my chosen career and, to be honest, I didn’t make a list because when I make lists I lose them. However, I did come across something that I really enjoyed learning about. Have yall ever heard of holistic fitness? Up until this past year I haven’t paid attention to what this really was. The other day I read an article about what holistic fitness really is all about and I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t come across this subject sooner.

Holistic fitness challenges not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. This is something I recommend for people who stress easily and deal with anxiety on a daily. Oh wait! That’s me, ha-ha! This health genre goes deep into the physical, emotional and intellectual part of your life. It helps improve stress, your mood, energy and diet! In holistic fitness, you learn to read your own body, for example, whether your muscles are too tight to function with proper form, or how your energy levels change throughout the day. When your able to read your body correctly, you can learn what to do to assist anything out of sorts naturally!
When I read about this, it automatically caught my attention for many reasons.

1. I stress super easy. I think way too much into simple things and it causes me to lose focus on the big picture. This also leads to anxiety. Stressing over things I don’t need to be stressing over takes a big toll on my health, like breaking out and health of my hair believe it or not. I also get sick easily due to the amount of stress I put on myself.
2. I love finding new ways to come into peace spiritual and emotionally in a natural way. I believe without that 100% health, we are always at risk of chronic disease, whether that be cancer, heart conditions, or diabetes. Being able to read my body will allow me to help it in all the correct ways.

I honestly can’t wait to study this concept more in depth! I plan to do some training as well to get a better idea of how I can help others and better their holistic lifestyle. I DID IT GUYS, I FOUND MY BABY. Challenge accepted.


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