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Brain Stuck

Have you ever been so excited to do something that you obsess over for years and then when the time finally comes to go for it, you realize you don’t have an actual plan? That would be me.
I have been so obsessed with becoming a personal trainer and starting my own fitness brand ever since I started high school, and now the time has come to move forward with that dream. The funny part is I have NO plan what so ever. Plus, I’m confused as ever and have no idea where I want to start! I have my reasons.

1. Fitness and physical activity is becoming very popular and there are tons of people who are either personal trainers or online/world-wide personal trainers. The question is, how can I stand out from all these people?

2. What on earth do I want to teach/ instruct? There are so many different types of personal trainers out there! You can teach groups, one-on-one, online, traveling. Then you get to the types of classes and the types of ways someone can grow in fitness. There are just too many to list.

I am literally on the edge of my chair because I am so close to doing what I love for a career, the part I’m missing is in what way. It’s kind of like those situations where for a whole year you make a list in your head of everything you want for Christmas or your birthday as you walk by something you like. Then, when the time comes and someone asks you want you want for that specific occasion, your mind just goes blank and its like that entire list you made all year has decided to vanish into thin air. No matter how hard you think, it’s gone, never to return.

So, I decided to challenge myself! For the next two days, I am dedicating 75% of my day to making a list of different ways I can go about my chosen career and how I can be unique while helping others. Then, I will present my list to you wonderful people and decide what to do from there.

Lists are like, my go to for anything I want to learn about. Also, for anyone who had watched my last YouTube video, there will be a new one up tomorrow!


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