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Set Myself Free


                Nothing ever seems real until you try and conquer the world on your own while living in your vehicle. The weird part is I fit quite nicely, which, for a two-door truck, it isn’t too shabby. The best part is I have everything I need! I have all my clothes in my bed toolbox, blankets and pillows, and any necessities! It’s basically like a little tent on wheels! My daily routines have changed completely and my days are much longer.

Now, I’ve also changed many mini habits of mine. How I eat, when I work out and how much I study for the things I want have all changed for the better. Why? I have completely pushed myself out of my comfort zone. My place of contentment was my warm queen size bed under a roof that provided me breakfast, lunch and dinner without putting any work for it myself. Warmth was always there when needed and a table to eat at never moved. I became so comfortable with this and grew lazy! I would lay in bed and watch Netflix whenever I got home from work and a snack or meal was just a couple steps away, so basically, I didn’t have to put much effort to get the things I wanted.  

I’ve always wanted to blog about my life because, in my opinion, I’m an acceptable person to watch! Plus,  Inspiring others with my own business in the fitness industry is the main idea. Fitness has been a daily routine of mine since I started playing softball. I met this crazy but amazing coach. She was tough but never backed down when it came to post season which only increased my love for physical activity. Now, most of my day is spent in the gym and I hope to create new, fun ways to help people build or lose weight. Of course, that starts with blogging, social media and vlogging my experience and journey which is a job all on its own. However, sleeping in a truck along with all my necessities has pushed me to show people that all of that can still be done no matter what situation in life you’re in.

It’s amazing how much one can get done if they put the work ethic into it and that’s what I hope to prove to the world.




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