Confidence is key





Can you honestly say you are confident in yourself? Can you maintain that wonderful smile that lets everyone know you believe in your appearance and attitude?

When I was little, I tried so hard to be like the other girls. I wanted to have cool clothes like them and get pretty highlights in my hair. I wanted to be good at sports like all the popular girls and hang with all the cool kids. To be honest though, I was nothing like them. I didn’t wear make up, or flip flops with a pretty shirt and skirt. I didn’t paint my nails or wear dresses and I didn’t really like gossip. My everyday outfit consisted of jeans or basketball shorts, tshirt, tennis shoes, and most the time my hair was up. I didn’t think I was pretty, or worthy of the popular, cool kids, and that shot down my self esteem extremely.

It wasn’t until mid high school that I actually found the real me. The one who didnt wear make up because she didn’t feel it was necessary. A girl who could dress nice but in her own way, and could do her hair all nice and pretty but to her own satisfaction. This was enough for me.

My confidence grew and grew the older I got. I started to find myself and capabilities the more I learned about what I wanted. I created goals for myself and instead of doubting what I could do, I pushed myself. I started expressing my image to the world to say, “This is who I am!!”, and it’s the best feeling in the world. My confidence has allowed me to create a journey.  It has allowed me to try new things and show myself off to the world!

Don’t allow something or an idea to influence you in the wrong direction. Never allow anything to put you down because once your down you’ve stopped believing in what your capable of doing and being. Show the world who you are.



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